Learning & Development

Securing our future by developing our people

We place great value on developing our people not only because this will secure the future of our company, but also because it is part of our social responsibility. We believe out commitment and support will not only help each person grow as an individual but will strengthen our company as our people maximizing their contributions.


At LANXESS, the definition of learning & development is a broad one—it may contain traditional classroom training, outdoor team building, development centre, coaching & mentoring and task assignment. We expect our people to be open and committed to exploring all of these directions.


Learning & development is defined as a shared responsibility at LANXESS, which requires all members of the company to demonstrate leadership in their own way—employees, by taking initiative and ownership, managers, by showing leadership capabilities such as delivering feedback and arranging appropriate tasks, and the company, by providing helpful tools and processes and helping create a corporate culture that supports ongoing learning.