Wang Jun

Supply Chain Management, LANXESS IPG China

I joined LANXESS Shanghai Pigments in June 2008, which still remains fresh in my mind. It was just one month after the miserable Wenchuan earthquake in China. Transferring from electronic industry to chemical industry was a big challenge for me due to their different logistical characteristics. However, I like challenges and have a great interest in Supply Chain Management function. Challenges have been my motivations for working and pursuing the master degree. LANXESS Shanghai Pigments provides  outstanding opportunities to learn and work the entire supply chain management. It is a great benefit for me to work with many professional colleagues in different fields.


I like reading, travelling, electronic games and basketball. Antoni Gaudi, an extraordinary Spanish architect, is my idol. I am deeply impressed by his incredible imagination.


Handling my Supply Chain Management job is just like establishing and maintaining a building or a system. Thanks to my wide hobbies, I can come up with creative solutions to difficulties. My varies interests inspire me to manage all new challenges open minded and without any entrenched ways of thinking.


We analyze all spot and working details to localize shortages and risk points, make improvements, optimize the standard operation procedures. We always work close with internal departments and external customers. All this contributes to the stability and high-efficiency of our Supply Chain Management.


I really enjoy working with my team, colleagues from different departments and business units at LANXESS. I like such an eased, harmonious working atmosphere. Everybody can express his or her thoughts directly and all people work towards a common objective. Undoubtedly, LANXESS enhances my development and career.

I would like to make further steps, together with my team and LANXESS.