Zhang Bing

LANXESS Shanghai Pigments Co., Ltd. Deputy Sales Manager

After achieving the master degree in 2007, I joined LANXESS Shanghai Pigments Co., Ltd, which is located in Taopu Industrial Park. This milling and mixing facility is an important part of the global network of LANXESS IPG.
I started my career at LANXESS as a Sales Representative, became later Sales Supervisor and now I am the Deputy Sales Manager China after working at LANXESS for five years. During this period, I fully felt the charm of LANXESS as a global acting company and made big progresses. Currently my main responsibilities are the management of distributors and global key accounts in China’s mainland, business development in special sub-industries and the establishment of the application lab as regional competence centre.


My job is full of challenges and I learn new things every day. I believe this is the most attractive fact to me. LANXESS offers an extensive space for career development and meanwhile gives support in all aspects.

Like the older generation is saying: ‘if you can make things better for one day, you should make them better every day and never stop doing this.’ I am trying my best to improve myself and looking forward to grow together with LANXESS.