Welcome to new color spaces

As a true one-stop-shop supplier LANXESS is setting a new benchmark. From distinct bluish shades to our new particularly bright, yellow-shade red pigments – we deliver a complete solution for red iron oxide consumers.

This is made possible through the development of our NEW RED pigments. All products in this Bayferrox® 500 series are made exclusively using the Ningbo Process®, which is based on patented technology and  applied for the first time at our production site in Ningbo, China. This advanced production process not only ensures a considerable extension of our product offering but  also provides unique benefits for leading paint and coatings producers.

  • Verifiable compliance to the highest environmental standards, e.g. in terms of water treatment, exhaust gas cleaning and energy consumption

  • Consistently high quality, in line with the global Bayferrox® standards

  • Sufficient production capacity to provide  a high level of global supply security

As a complement to the classic Laux Process – which LANXESS has been utilizing at our  Krefeld-Uerdingen site in Germany for more than 90 years – the Ningbo Process® rounds off  the existing portfolio with unique red pigments in the yellow-shade and medium-shade color spaces.

Outstanding product characteristics meet high demands of the coatings industry

The Bayferrox®  500 series for paint and coatings applications offers a variety of red grades  with very tight color specifications  and exceptional product features. Extensive testing has confirmed that the New Red pigments meet the high standards of the Bayferrox brand:

  • High chromaticity and tinting strength

  • Optimized milling parameters for easy dispersibility even at low shear energy input.

  • Potential to formulate at high loadings with optimized viscosity performance 

  • Easy adoption of surface agents to ensure low sedimentation tendency and optimized long term stability in final systems.
  • Good optical appearance with respect to gloss and haze 

  • Excellent compatibility with formulation ingredients like fillers, extenders and resin binders


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