Clean aquariums and ponds


Aquariums and fishponds enjoy great popularity. In many cases, however, they require a great deal of maintenance to protect the animals and plants. In this context, the phosphate level in the water plays an important role.

In order to maintain the natural balance, LANXESS has developed Bayoxide® E products for removing phosphates and silicates in aquariums and ponds.

The outstanding adsorption capacity of Bayoxide® E products means that the filterhas a very long service life . The media are also characterized by high abrasion stability and thus do not cause discoloration of the water. Compared to many other phosphate removers, Bayoxide® E products have an outstanding capacity to adsorb phosphate, especially in seawater.

Products for treating and purifying water are marketed by the LANXESS Liquid Purification Technologies (LPT) business unit.


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