Show Cases

Town Hall, Middelburg, Netherlands

An architectural concept that links the city’s history with the modern age.

The new town hall in Middelburg was designed by the German-Dutch architectural firm RAU.  

The town hall is not only a piece of modern architecture and a lively meeting place for citizens and government official, it also demonstrates what is possible in energy-efficient design using innovative concepts and integrally colored concrete.

Concrete is a building material that buffers heat and cold, is extremely durable and long lasting, and easy to maintain. The pigments from LANXESS are light-fast, weather stable, and ecologically safe to use.

Color as a fundamental part of the architectural concept.

LANXESS Bayferrox® 330 pigment is the basis for the anthracite-colored concrete.

Integrally colored concrete combines design with sustainability.

Alternative uses as an integral element of sustainability, the towers are also designed with residences.

The vast town hall, with its four distinctive towers built from integrally colored concrete, rises up from the wharf.

The town hall evocative of a container ship is Middelburg’s new calling card.




  • BAYFERROX® 330

    BAYFERROX® 330

    Bayferrox® 330 is an iron oxide black pigment with high tinting strength. It is delivered as powder and can be applied for the coloration of a wide variety of construction materials.



LANXESS black pigments range from hues with a medium tinting strength and a pronounced bluish cast to intense shades of black with a hint of blue.