LANXESS Colortherm® Green pigments are based on chrome oxides (Cr2O3). They combine high intrinsic hardness with excellent heat stability.

Colortherm® Green pigments based on chrome oxides (Cr2O3) are manufactured exclusively at the Krefeld-Uerdingen site.

Colortherm® pigments were specifically developed for applications that require good heat stability. As a result of their chemical and physical structure, they benefit from excellent stability, that is to say high heat and migration resistance, outstanding light fastness and impressive weather stability. Their heat resistance in particular is very different from that of iron oxide yellow and black pigments.

Colortherm® Green pigments are found in a wide range of applications. In addition to coloring construction materials, they are also used in the paint and coatings industry and to color plastics. Colortherm® Green pigments can also be mixed with brilliant yellow pigments with good stability to produce the saturated greens that are required, for example, by the household appliance industry.

What’s more, LANXESS Colortherm® Green pigments may benefit from an extremely low chrome (VI) content, which enables the products to be used to color food packaging.

LANXESS green pigments range from a pale yellowish cast to an intense dark green shade.

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